CPR®-Cell Phone Repair

It was only a few years ago that we used our cell phones for basic features such as making and receiving phones, text message and taking a few pictures. Basic features made them less expensive and replaceable.

Today, we use our cell phone for much more than phone calls and the features on phones are seemingly endless. Our phones take pictures in HD, record videos, play songs and tape into radio stations, play movies, allow video chat, plan out our day, surf the web and more! Such complexity makes these gadgets expensive and irreplaceable due to their importance.

When something goes wrong with your cell phone, the first thing you do is panic. How are you going to take that call for work you’ve been waiting for? How are you going to check your email while you’re out running errands? What if your wife tries to FaceTime you? How can you access all the photos, videos and music you’ve been collecting on your phone?

If you live in Manhattan, Midtown, Astoria, Jersey City, Hoboken or any area around New York City, you live close to a CPR Cell Phone Repair shop. CPR Cell Phone Repair can restore your damaged cell phone and get you back into your normal routine. We don’t want you to go a day without your cell phone. In fact, we don’t want you to go more than an hour without using your phone, which is why we have a repair time of one hour. If you cell phone has broken parts, charging issues, a cracked screen or water damage, come see us at one of our three locations in New York City, and we’ll get you back on your phone fast!

We have extensive repairing experience with…

• iPhones
• Blackberry’s
• HTC phones
• Samsung’s
• And more!

At CPR Cell Phone Repair, we don’t only repair cell phones. We also repair small electronics and gaming systems including…

• PlayStation
• Wii
• iPads and other tablets
• iPods and MP3 players
• Laptops
• And more!

We knows how badly your hands miss holding your electronic device and that’s why our service repair technicians are the best at what they do and will get you your device back as quickly as possible! When choosing CPR®, you are ultimately choosing best company in the walk-in cell phone repair industry!

Gadget Repair Specialist

We specialize in repairs to smart phones, iPods, gaming systems, computers, GPS units, and much more.

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CPR® is Green

Cell Phone Repair is committed to recycling used cell phones and other electronics.

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Franchise Opportunity

Join the most widely known and respected brand name in the Cell Phone Repair industry.

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